Accountability Scotland is a democratic organization campaigning for transparent public accountability in Scottish governance. As of September 2011 we have a published constitution and an elected committee.

The membership of women and men, including those on the Committee are highly qualified in various fields including university scientists with research doctorates and many published research papers and books, a medical doctor, a researcher and co-coordinator in international public health projects across Europe and US, a civil engineer, electronics engineer, headteacher, contract advisor (construction, engineering, building), a voice dialogue facilitator, and specialists in estate management, law and legal practice.

The committee's expertise covers agriculture, business, biological science, occupational psychology and work-stress, campaigning, politics, care work, software development, statistics, journalism, negotiation, commerce, engineering, tourist board directorship, experience in assisting complaints to local authorities and the SPSO and in drafting petitions to the Scottish Parliament.

Although it is not our primary aim to provide advice on individual cases we are able to provide information and put individuals in touch with others who have had similar experiences.

The Current elected officers of Accountability Scotland are:
Chairman - Peter Stewart-Blacker
Deputy Chairman - Jack Stuart
Secretary - Dr Richard Burton
Treasurer/Membership Secretary - Richard Townsend-Rose

Who may be contacted as follows: